Princess Serenity (Manga)

Sailor Moon



White full dress, top has combining white circles all around the top, underneath the circles are a row of pearl beads, underneath those are three rows of white ribbon, underneath those are upside-down humps, underneath that another row of pearl beads. Same type of sleeves as anime princess but worn lower on the arm, a white see through cape with a high collar on it. White wig in odangoes, and pearly white pumps.


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Created 10 years ago
Series Sailor Moon
Character Princess Serenity (Manga)
Variant Manga


berrybell07 Gorgeous!!

EriBear18 i would love to know what pattern and materials you used to make this dress

youmee400 Absolutley beautiful! So elegant!

animebelle That's so pretty, I especially love the wig, its so perfect!

Angeal very nice cosplay you loook great cant wait for more pics