Final Fantasy X

My second 'real' cosplay costume. Fun to run around in! I absolutely love Rikku's spunky personality.
One of the most interesting things about this costume, I think, is the hair. Long before FFX2 was even concept ideas, I had decided to go with the many-braid look for Rikku, you know, just to be different. And now, I can use that same hair piece for X2 costumes!

I can honestly say that a LOT went into this costume, and thus 3 renditions later it IS nearly complete.
Currently sports a completely new shirt, targe, arm bands, ribbons, leg gear and the rest is salvaged from the old costume. Still a work in progress, but I'm very proud of it! :)

Recently combined info from version 1 & 2 of this outfit, so thank you all for 1104 Costume Views and 3 Favorites!
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Created 11 years ago
Series Final Fantasy X
Character Rikku
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