Gloha_h as Kirakishou


Rozen Maiden

Cosplayer: Gloha_h
Character: In the world of Rozen Maiden, seven dolls compete to become a real girl, called Alice. Kirakishou was drafted by her creator, but never created, so does not exist in the real world, only in the N-field where the dolls compete. She's grown insane from loneliness and does not care to compete to become Alice...

Costume: From the top down....The wig (style named Rose)was purchased from Cosworx, and maaay need a few wefts added to it. The white color makes it slightly translucent and is kinda distracting in the back where you can see the wefts...I took two fabric roses, popped off the stems and stitched them onto two silver barrettes. (I reinforced the roses with hot glue, just in case they decided to fall apart without their stems). The eyepatch was hotglued onto a satin patch that had two holes poked into it. I threaded clear fishing wire through those holes and used those and hair pins to secure the rose to my wig, thus covering my right eye. I freedrafted the choker and lattice styled chestpiece myself. (the lattice is attached to the corset with velcro. Velcro is also what holds the choker closed) The corset was made from a Burda patten (style #8601), and is made from 2 layers of bridal satin (one layer being too see through). It's boned with featherweight boning, and lined with costume satin. The ruffles were two seperate premade strips, I just sewed them together and inserted them into the seams before I stitched everything closed. The sleeves were drafted from a Simplicity pattern (#2832), and are also two laters of bridal satin (with the exception of the chiffon sleeve). The skirt was from a Burda pattern (style #8175), modified to reflect the petaling of the skirt. (I wanted it to look like the Kirakishou dolls at: I ordered the boots online, from, but am on the lookout for ones without the large stiletto and platform heel.....

Final thoughts: The boots are officially the arch-enemies of my feet, but I love the look of this costume! The pure white color contrasts with Kirakishou's sanity! However, not many people really knew who I was, but thought the outfit was pretty. :)