Bubble Head Nurse from Silent Hill

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I made this costume in 2 days... well kind of, I worked on it for two days, while I was working on it i was on AIM, facebook ect ect ect. But I think it turned out great!

The Dress-
I made the dress out of this medium weight white material. I combinded a patter i found from a thrift shop from a old 70's dress and the coller from a halloween costume jacket. Than I modified to make the dress i button up not a zipper, and make it fitted. It didn't take too long making the dress. When I was done with the dress I dyed the fabric with black tea, by soaking it in the tea for about 20 min, than putting it in the oven (not rung out) on 300 degrees for 15 min than 5 min interverals until I was happy with it, Occasionally I would get a fresh tea bag and squeeze it out on the dress. While that was cooking I sat the mask on top the oven so the heat would make dry faster (i started monday, this had to be done by 6:30 wednesday morning....) Than after I was done you cant put it in the dryer or it defets the purpose of the past 15+ min you wasted dying the fabric. I hung the dress on a hanger and hug it half way out the window (i live in california and it was sunny and windy that day in my favor!! =)

The Mask-
The mask was painfully easy!! i covered my face with petrollum jelly, and than wraped my hair up with a wig cover than ceryan wrap. Than I got this plaster strips stuff. (im not sure the name anymore) but it comes on this gause looking material with white stuff and you put it in warm/hot water and than put the strips on your face and smooth. Well it drys really fast. I put that on and had my roommate help with the back of my head, after a hour of wearing it and scaring all my appartment neighboors I cut a slit up the back and pulled my head out. Than since It was so face shape i got fabric and other random objects i could find and taped it to the mask and covered it with that plaster stuff.I started to make paperclay veins than relized i could make much easier/more realistic veins if I used the plaster stuff.

Than after that all dried I went to town painting it with cheap acrylic! This is the cheapest costume I've ever made with it totalling it in under 20 bucks! =) (counting shoes those were 11 lol)

Any questions please ask!


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Character Bubble Head Nurse from Silent Hill


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