Erza Scarlet (Knight Version)

Fairy Tail



Mon premier costume majoritairement armure. J'ai décidé de le faire sur un coup de tête, mais c'était marrant à créer. Par contre, j'ai eu beaucoup de mal à le transporter et à le porter, mais ça fait partie des joies du Cosplay aussi. ;)

My first armor costume... I did it in a short time, but it was funny to do it. But it was to hard to transport and wear it, but it doesn't matter. ;)


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Created 10 years ago
Series Fairy Tail
Character Erza Scarlet (Knight Version)


ashe2kawaii Bien fait!!XDvous avez fait un excellent travail (>v0)b

Chelseahavoc ohemgee.... this is freaking amazing dd you endup using a harness how heavy was the whole thing? its just... way to awesome!!!

FotoCos ¡ Whaouh es … es … no encuentro une palabra bastante fuerte para decir lo genial que es este traje ! Esta mucho mejor en dorado que plateado (no me gusta los colores que escogieron para el anime). ¿ Pero no le falta los guantes ?

xRàinx Utterly amazing! I would love to know how you made this!

adrian garcia OMG awesome i upload my cosplay of loki

cosplay_is_love Gorgeous!

Onepiece-girl C'etait a la japan expo 2009 non ? :s

Sxentrik OMG...... WOOOOOOOOOOOO super coooool¡¡¡¡ yeeeeeeeeeeee you make excellent cosplay¡¡¡¡¡ yeeeeeeeeeeeeee

IchigoChu O( ≧∇≦ )O S-SO COOOL! GJ GJ GJ!

Tifa_Sakura Comme quoi ... rien n'est impossible. C'est un cosplay de monstre, et tu l'as super bien réussi. Franchement, chapeau !

Paranoid Doll ghgflhjfglhsjlj THE SWORDSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!! This. Is. Fucking. Awesome.

Evangelyne Yes, I win a special price "Ambition" (they created the price espacially for me), the presenter said "this girl is very mad because when we saw the picture, we said "it's not possible in the real life to do this costume, but why not...", but she did it !!" It was a very very good moment, especially when people was applauding me when I appeared on stage... Thanks for your compliment :)

Lushi That is AMAZING! Great job! Did you win anything for it? More details, please! ^_^

MakuroShin Okay, it's just incredible!

WARPAINTandUnicorns I was going to say it looks hard transport and cumbersome to wear. Kudos though!

BalthierFlare This looks so awesome!