Im "Korea" Yong Soo

Hetalia: Axis Powers



Imagine: Korea on ice~ XD

I wanted to cosplay Korea ever since I laid eyes on him... err, rather like when I saw his anime ref pic ^^;;

So I went at it with an old bed sheet and put my newly acquired sewing machine to work! The blue piece is being made of a polo shirt, which is one size too big, so there's plenty of cloth to work with. Lucky me, I already have white capris XD (for a future planned Link cosplay).

Made the ahoge out of wire, black shoelace and hair clip. The face is made by pieces of the same shoe lace held on by string XD

Made leggings out of sleeves from another shirt and used scraps from polo shirt for the accents.


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Series Hetalia: Axis Powers
Character Im "Korea" Yong Soo


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