Harvest Moon: Rune Factory



Marion is the town doctor/sorceress in town! Rune factory is a game very similar to harvest moon, and I had scarcely seen any cosplays from them. I fell in love with marion when I saw a RF3 ad in a magazine *_*

everything is handmade except the tights, boots ( I already had) and gloves. I couldn't find the right pattern in a full tight but only in otk tights, which kept falling. I had used double interfacing on my hat but it kept falling, so I stuck a smaller witch hat inside to hold it in at the last minute. Maybe you can see in some of the pictures.

A lot of things went wrong with this outfit. I was going to enter masquerade at pmx, but the zipper broke the mornign off when I was putting it on so I had to be sewn into the skirt @[email protected]; My boot designs I had made of craft foam and elastic and kept falling off so I stepped on it a few times and it got damaged. My hat kept falling off and onto people around me xD; I had to finish painting things on the day of and dry it with the hotel hairdryer xD; and I shed feathers everywhere! Other than all those though, I am happy with how it came out! It is one of my most high maintenance costume as of yet!


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Series Harvest Moon: Rune Factory
Character Marion


Kefkaownsall Oh. Well it looks great. She always wants to give me shots