Hakurei Reimu

Touhou Project



My plan for 2nd nowJapan CON here in Lithuania. I accidentally fell in love with Touhou after seeing [BAD APPLE Touhou Stylized Shadow PV], and Hakurei seemed like a great choice to me.So I did her to look cute, and to feel not constrained. I'm not confident in making sailor-fuku type uniforms, so my Reimu's collar looks different from any other Reimu, but that's just my little edition.

I had gathered a team, and I had four lovely Touhou characters with me. We had so much fun! I know I had a little cosband but I'm glad I had it at all, since people hardly know Touhou here.
Like my other costumes, Reimu had two debutes. This costume was sure comfy to wear and cute-looking, people claim it is the costume that fits me the best up to date. During the second debut I managed to get some photos I wanted but never got around to make before, and a bit more attention. Overall, it was great!


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Character Hakurei Reimu


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