Hollow Ichigo




Wow where to begin? The wig was a pain, i didn't get it to look how i wanted and i still spent hours on it! The body paint took a decent amount of time to put on and it didnt breathe very well, but it held up so i was happy (the make up remover that it came with burned very badly when i used it). The BIGGEST pain of the costume was the sclera contacts (they cover your entire eye, they are as big as a quarter). I had to put the contacts in AFTER my face was white, so i was constantly getting paint in my eyes! It wasnt good to say the least, luckily i didnt get any nasty infections. They were highly uncomfortable and expensive, although i think they made the costume. I have silk white gloves on with fake finger nails glued onto them which i painted black (i had to get those gloves at a bridal store, they are for women... ACK!) You cant see them but i also have gettas on, which were VERY uncomfortable as well. The sword is plywood and is pretty heavy, although it was easy to make and didn't take very much time. All in all it was a pain but i had A LOT of fun!!


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Character Hollow Ichigo


Angelus595762 hi, just wondering what make did you use to color your skin? It's looks really cool

jounink Insanely BAD ASS!