Mommy Fortuna

The Last Unicorn



This project took 6 months to make.

I've LOVED this series since I was little. It was the first movie I watched OVER and OVER and OVER again. My mom confessed to me the day after ACen that she still cringes when she thinks about having to listen to the movie ONE MORE TIME! (LOL)

I could have done Lady Amalthea, and maybe I will someday. But I'm way to much into the masks and the creepy factor, as many know. And thus Mommy Fortuna with her AWESOME stump hat, had to be done.

I started by making the mask. I used a white stage mask as the base to make the structure for the mask out of. I layered that and trying to make the face the same shape as Mommy Fortuna's. Then I used Model Magic to make the large raised parts like the nose, lips, cheeks and brow line. I covered that in Paper Clay and instead of sanding it to look smooth and pretty, I used plastic to make wrinkles in the skin and multipule skin tones to bring out the shadows in the mask. I used a foam ball cut in half with holes pushed through the and model magic whites to make the eyes. I then covered them in modge podge to get a realistic eye effect. I sewed that all onto a stocking cap and sewed big hoop earings to the side of the mask.

Next I found the gloves in my Halloween trunk and painted them and attached them to a black shirt so that I could put my hands into the gloves or push them out from under the gloves. I made the Skull necklace out of model magic, bone colored acrylic, and leather string. I made the ball necklace out of styrofoam balls, paper and a fun paint job. The bag at her hip and the boot covers were made out of left over fabric from Sheila.

The hat frame was made with coat hangers, ducktape and different shapes of bathroom tissue rolls. I then covered it in brown felt and used glue on the the top of that to soak in, dry and become hard. I spray painted it and added 3 cans of spray expanding foam all over to get a Yew Tree texture. I decided making the tree stump this way would make it look more real and easier to connect to since the mask looked so real. I used 4 different browns and some green paint to paint over the foam. I also glued spanish moss and miniature grass texture to the 'north side' of the tree and added a raven I bought online. (And lovingly named Poe) The inside is lined like a hat and has foam padding in it to sit on my head right. It also has straps to tie under my chin, but for some reason they weren't working right at ACen.

The shoulders were made out of foam with the idea of football shoulders in mind. I spray adhesived the fabric onto the foam and sewed it all together to make a 'cape.' but really it was random layers of old fabric I found at a garage sale. I didn't actually pattern it as a cape to make it look more worn. I connected the necklaces to this so they would not slip. I then made the robe long enough the with I crouched it would cover my butt.

I'm VERY proud of this costume.


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shotzgoboom Oh man, thanks for the comment, I'm honored! This costume is amazing. I wish I could see it in real life. The mask and gloves are just amazing. You so rocked this!

KiraAoki Amazing!!!! This is SOOOOOOO cool

Emrys I wish I saw this at ACEN last year. I would've totally geeked out!

Tatterhood Epic :D

AuroraSing Best Cosplay Ever! Love it!!

Domgigi You do not know....How happy you made me with this..........I am speechless.

bossbot creepy! but i love the movie too and this is way wicked

Ladywolframpant oh my god. you are my hero this is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!