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The hardest part was choosing the colors. The anime wasn't out yet, so all I had were black and white drawings to go by. I had researched the Hitler's Youth uniforms, but didn't want to make the colors too accurate; it's weird enough portraying a Nazi. Also, khaki and brown is just... ugly. So I chose green. One day maybe I'll redo it if I'm bored... but there's so many other cosplays to work on!


@Jia Jem
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Series Hellsing
Character Schrodinger
Variant Warrant Officer Schrodinger


teranmx Cute Schrodinger... i did Dark Walter one time. It came out nice.. but I never posted pics. I might need to find them and post them.

Dadderface I don't know how much of a compliment this is, but you do make a very cute nazi-cat-boy.