Belle (golden/yellow gown)

Beauty and the Beast



One of my favorite Disney characters when I grew up.
I watched the movies plenty times and I still am fond of the storyline. *^_^*
The romance, the message "it is the inside that counts" and the songs are so wonderful.
This was one of the Disney characters I always wanted to do once so I was/am really looking forward to it!

Used approx. ~6m yellow satin fabric, ~2m of sunflower yellow organza ~ 1m yellow inlay fabric, yellow satin ribbons, and buttons (covered with satin fabric).

- Dress with my personal touch: Swarovski stones
- Earrings (made from the same type of buttons)
- Buttons
- Hairpiece (made from yellow ribbon)

- Opera gloves (dyed)
- Wig (no pony)

Total cost: ~65€ (not including wig nor shoes)

Maybe I will do the golden chique version once, but let's see how this turns out! :-)


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Series Beauty and the Beast
Character Belle (golden/yellow gown)
Variant La belle et la bête / Belle en het beest / Die Schöne und das Biest


Japanimemusic Amazing!

DarkChaos You looks so much like Belle. That is such a beautiful cosplay! :D

TheAnimelady You are so pretty and the dress is great!

Narnian You make a wonderful Belle!

YuriHappiny sooo beautiful! wonderful job!

ellygirl really love the costume :)

Little Raven Zeker erg mooie jurk! Staat je goed =)

Daya ~ Kairi It was very beautiful your cosplay, great pictures, congratulations *-*

Mohmoh wow, you're a phantastic Belle. So cute!!!

Iloon Jij ook gefeliciteerd! En ik vind je jurk echt prachtig en je "Beest" vind ik ook helemaal geweldig, kunnen andere Belle cosplayers jaloers op zijn!

Genrômaôken Ooh I want to see pictures of the entire dress!! It's gonna be sooo beautiful!!!

Hanami You look so much like her ^_^ I caint wait for our disney group *_*