Teto Kasane




The wig is what I'm mostly proud of. I bought it off of Cog_Mark on ebay then put it in pigtails(NEVER DOING THAT AGAIN IT LOOKS LIKE CRAP FROM THE BACK) then hot glued(wich scared me to use on a wig) and unrolled tolit paper rolls and started to glue lares of the hair onto it, after words I used got2b hairspray to keep the friz down and THE MORNING BEFOR THE CON I stuck some wire inside it so i curled it up to look more.....drilly.

The costum wasnt entierly made my me, I found a pleated skirt at the Salvation Army that kinda pussed me to start this so I cut it to lenth and added the pink. My friend mostly made the shirt and i did the details such as the pink and buttons(psh so hard right?)
The armwarmers and stokings were made myself
The stockings were regular black tights that i cut and pined pink fabric to it while having them on, and with the magicalness of me not knowing what the hell Im doing I sewed them....somehow it worked but I had to glue them to my legs since they keped sliping lol

The belt is just the same fabric i used for the armwarmers, skirt ect. just iorned and painted the squares on with acrilic paint ^^

Also the headphones I cant really explain how i made them because i didnt 8D My Miku made them with Foamy and thats all I know. We used voice changers bought online from a halloween store as the base cuz we wanted to have robotic voices XD Although it was hard for us to be taken seriusly when we talked to people. Heres a video of what we sounded like and explaining it better
SO YES ITS DONE 8D And might be retiered due to not wanting to where it at con again since I have other plans, pluss I want to totaly re-do the wig &gt;<


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Character Teto Kasane


Mandarr13 Awww you did really good on the wig! I'm not good at that stuff so when I cosplay as her I'm probably just gonna buy a pre-made wig. <_<;; haha. Yiur cosplay is really good though :33