Demon Nurse

Silent Hill 3



My first demon nurse costume was done without me really having alot of experience in costuming. I did it because I loved the series, not because cosplay was a big hobby of mine yet. Now that I've taught myself tricks of the trade I went back and made the dress more accurate to the game, adding cuffs, dying trim differently then the rest of the dress and cutting off a section of the back of my dress (thanks to anon pointing it out) so that it was as accurate as possible. The only part of the dress that wasn't as accurate as possible is the shoes have heels. However, with heals its easier to make my legs look as defined as they do in the games. So I personally, let that slide :P

The original costume (Also pictured in this gallery, but obviously a different dress) was altered from my first costume, a bubblehead nurse. The dress was an XL nurses uniform shirt that I cut and re pinned to fit my body. I tea stained it (tried to blood stain it with no success) and burned the edges. In some photos you will see my tights which were painted lightly to pull out the muscles in my legs. The gloves were just costume shop gloves I had in my costume trunk and the shoes I bought from a thrift shop (They actually didn't have heels, but I loved them so much I wear them around now and don't want to paint and dirty them up)

The make-up took 2 hours for the face. Its skin wax, spirit glue and a whole lot of patience. I added some stage blood for effect. For the newer costume it took about 3 hours to get all the make-up on the skin and make it look dirty and a bit veiny.


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Series Silent Hill 3
Character Demon Nurse


Goddess_of_gore You did an amazing job on this costume=]

p1ng666 this looks awsume!

Truest_Strike This is ridiculously good, so awesome! :D

Daya ~ Kairi I'm your fan *---------------------*

Alessa I love this costume so much, especially the newer photos :3