Oerba Dia Vanille

Final Fantasy XIII



This costume was constructed by TheSkiesAbove. First she let me borrow it, (thank you lovey!) and then she let me buy it! ^o^ I did some alterations to the costume for fit. I also did all the beading (it had taken a beating at Ota ;D), a new pouch, and made a belt to fit me.

The top is a linen-y stretchy fabric that TSA hand patterned herself. The three-ish tiered skirt set up is just straight spandex! The buttcape is faux fur she got on a good deal, and attached to more of that pink stuff from the top. The shoes came as is. The back paddle is craft foam that she double layered and carved out the design for. ;3

I spent probably about 40 hours on the beads alone. I had painted all of them, and then strung them up. I also attached new beads to the back paddle. The pouch is burlap, lined with a soft, stretchy knit. The belt is made of the same with craft foam accents. I didn't want to kill myself to make an accurate belt. .___.;;

Photos by the ever-lovely Ger Tysk! <3


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Series Final Fantasy XIII
Character Oerba Dia Vanille


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