Princess Zelda

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As of now I am just finishing up the wig, and crown :3 Once that is done I will be debuting Zelda at this coming SakuraCon :D
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Character Princess Zelda

Happymaskman That looks soooo beautiful!!!!!!!!!!

azuc4902 Please explain how you made this! So amazing. I want to make this so badly but fear I could never make anything as wonderful as this. The armor is stunning

Tif9123 Stunning <3

Blood_Sword Your Zelda is absolutely mind-blowingly amazing, I'm highly impressed. The craftmanship shows, make-up is top notch and everything just looks so crisp and clean and elegant and aghfsahfgad. *_*

Vilya0 Perfect!! Such elegance!

Trace Ventura You are by far the best Zelda I've ever seen!!! I've never seen an angel before, but if I ever do, I hope it looks like you. Great job!!

HimeZelda Sooooo beautiful! I love it!!

Knux02 You are one fantastic and beautiful Zelda! Great work! I am stunned :)