Mizore Shirayuki

Rosario + Vampire

Mizore Shirayuki is a snow woman from Rosario + Vampire and she is my favorite female monster! She was really shy in the beginning and carries a lollipop in her mouth and big time stalker. I loved her because we were the same minus the stalking part and I love the color purple! When she fights her hands form into ice claws and her hair becomes ice too! When this is finish I can go off stalking people! xD

Skirt: 95%
Claws: 100%
Leg Belt: 100%
Waist Belt: 100%
Black Tank Top: 100%
Sweater: 90%
Wig: 95% (wig is here! Now I just need to style it :P)
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Created 6 years ago
Series Rosario + Vampire
Character Mizore Shirayuki

Thowra You make such an adorable Mizore! I love it! XD

~H~ Nice work on this one! I've never seen anyone cosplay as Mizore before ^_^.

Narnian Well done! I love the claws!

VioletCobra That claw is awesome! I love the outfit, you have great attention to detail.

KitoCosplay I still can't get over how cool the color of those claws are

~~xXEl3KtRaXx~~ I love this show, you're making amazing progress, I cannot wait to see it 100% complete

Nikineko Those claws are looking good! Could almost use them for a witch cosplay from left4dead too!!!!