Little Sister

BioShock 2

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I am SO PROUD of this costume! Not only is this my first costume sewn on my own this is the first that I've made the pattern for!

The apron is a separate piece that buttons at the bust with the two lower buttons between the main bodice and the bib front. This helps keep the apron up and in place! Everything was distressed with a cheese grater, tea, acrylic paint and Rit's dark brown dye.

The ADAM syringe was made almost entirely by my wonderful boyfriend. I simply painted it and helped mix the ADAM, which is karo syrup and food coloring. The rest of the syringe is made using a tutorial from Volpin Props. It also lights up!

My Big Daddy doll was made when I discovered I might not be able to bring the syringe to Fanime. It's made from a thrifted baby doll, softball, rope, push pins, wire, a thimble and a cork screw. The legs and hand were sewn by me.


@Devi 1313
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Character Little Sister


Tree-Vor Great Job!