Chrono Cross



Did this for Finland's Eurocosplay preliminary. Didn't win anything, but I am still happy with my costume and I think I am the first In Finland to cosplay Harle or anything from the game Chrono Cross.

Don't know what to tell about the costume so I will keep it short and simple.
Hat: made from 4 pieces of fabric and stuffed with cotton. Bought the pink Bonbons, but they were a little different in size (bummer).
Gems: Bought the gems and spray painted them blue then I puored thick layer of hot glue on folio and pushed the gems in the hot glue to make the edge's and painted them gold.
Bodysuit: Boobies and colar was made from thick foam and I sew the shape on. The twisted rope was added to the suit by gel glue to stay in place.
Make-up: I suggest to use grease paint, if you will be making a clown. Order of Make-up 1.blue paint 2.red paint 3.white paint.


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Series Chrono Cross
Character Harle


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