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If you're doing this yourself the more organized pattern is here:


Or, if you don't want a Ravelry.com account, you can go straight to my blog here:


8/23/12 If you're looking for a bit more detail on the jacket, I've started doing regular updates on my blog so you can see everything I'm doing.


most of the blog is rather inane. the entries about the duster are all labeled "Rinoa Heartilly"

2/22/12 so, I was trying to update the info here with my notes and plans for Rinoa's duster, but it was having tantrums at me. so the info is in my journal section, please feel free to check it out.

1/24/12 actually knitting the jacket now! I swatched a teeny tiny bit to get gauge and to throw it in the wash to monitor it’s behavior. everything seems fine. I am currently doing something in the nature of a test run for shaping based on the notes for the previous test run I did on random bits of yarn. this is knitting from the top of the shoulder strap down.

co 16 sts, k2 p2 across the row, back and forth for about 6”. after that I start increases for the body. gonna mess with that a bit and then I’ll put up what I did. depending on how this turns out it may be my actual piece, or I may restart. once I get it to it’s final width that it will be for the rest of the length, I’m gonna get it wet and hang it up to see how bad the stretching is. I need to know how to accommodate that. in an ankle length duster I can’t have it stretching to the ground. not okay.

incidentally, when I’m done I will clean it up and try to create an actual pattern here.

1/3/12 so, I actually have progress- shorts and skirt are done! It only took me three tries (and three pairs of shorts) to get the shorts right. I dyed the fabric for the skirt no less than four times to get it dark enough. but we're there, and they're done! which means all I have left is the jacket and the arm warmers. I'm so jazzed!

incidentally, an important realization: length of Rinoa's skirt + length of shorts showing under the skirt + length of leg showing before the knee = NO REAL PERSON'S LEG. just not gonna happen.

12/30/11 So, I bought the boots, I have fabric for the skirt that I'm still color tweaking, and I have shorts that need altering for the costume. Progress update: very little. I did finally find the right yarn for knitting, I'm very pleased with it, but I couldn't start it because of like eight different projects I gave myself to finish for Christmas. Which I did get done, incidentally. However, there has been some progress. I used our Christmas tradition of buying new Christmas pajamas for everyone as an excuse to get the black V neck tank I needed, and my friend Marissa bought me the official Squaresoft replica of Rinoa's necklace for Christmas. My husband also bought me a new sewing machine, which means I don't have to do things by hand! yay! So we're getting there. Slowly but surely. I expect to cast on the jacket as soon as I finish this half finished scarf I've been packing around for ages meaning to do.

11-11-11 bought the yarn and supplies for knitting. I had to get the yarn online to get anywhere near a reasonable price. 2.50 a skein rather than 12. so, once they get here I'll get going. I did a few test runs with regular yarn just to get the shape, so hopefully this will be okay.

Inspired by another Rinoa cosplayer, I have mastered the art of rib knitting and I'm going to knit her duster by hand. the rest of the pieces are collected and being assembled. I'll get back to you on that.


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richellejerika Hi! Do you take commissions for the duster and arm warmers?