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This cosplay group was my girlfriend's idea, since Candyland was her favorite game growing up, and I thought the costume looked like fun. It is definitely the most creative use of materials I have had for a costume thus far! It's also a blast wearing this costume - so many people come up to Shiva and I as Kandy and Frostine screaming, "MY CHILDHOOD!" LOL

I started with a pink shirt and covered the front in foam "gingerbread" with glass gems for the berries. The candy cane shoulders are foam circles wrapped in electrical tape, and the sugarplums on the sleeves are ping-pong balls, cut in half and spray painted, with foam cuffs. The cape is made from two large bedsheets, with a foam core for the collar. For the kilt I cut out petal-shaped panels of vinyl and sewed them together, and attached everything to the belt, which is foam pipe insulation wrapped in tape. It closes with large snaps. This wig was originally white, and I sprayed it with a bright pink Sharpie and alcohol solution, then washed it so the color would not bleed. I curled the hair around the face using curlers and hair spray.

The crown is a plastic bucket, padded with foam and covered in spray insulation, Sculpty, wooden beads and Christmas ornaments. The staff is also made from spray insulation set on top of PVC pipe. The tights are candy cane tights. Yes, they make those in men's sizes. :P


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