Karina Lyle

Tiger & Bunny



I am so happy that I can be part of this freaking great group cosplay. Booyah!

November the 22nd
I just ordered the wig from eBay. It came 12nd December!

15th of December
I bought shoes..
Whee, I can't waaait!!

Things I have right now:
- her necklace
- black socks
- arm warmers

In progress:
- her hat

- the dress
-the vest
- shoes/boots

29th of December
The dress is almost done! The only thing which is completely missing is the vest. But I have the fabrics for it. :)

I made the costume just in time! The vest was made in a one day (and it totally looks like it...)


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Series Tiger & Bunny
Character Karina Lyle
Variant Casual dress


Ninnu-chan Thank you! n__n

Narnian Well done! Your cosplay looks fantastic!