Princess Tutu

Princess Tutu



I am going to do this. I will do this. I have patterns and ideas and a headpiece pinned to a wig head. It will happen. I'll be testing shoe dyes soon, too.

11/18/11- It's begun! I just made the first mockup of the bodice, and I think it looks good and fits pretty well. The top is a bit loose and the back needs to be much lower, but I'm pretty happy with it.

4/13/12- Pleating....oh god pleating.
And I was working on the wig, and I've been pinning hackle pads on because I don't know how I'm fastening it to the wig yet.
Also currently working on the pendant- excited! I'm about to start casting. I also have a base for the necklace part of it, which I just painted gold.
I have yet to buy pointe shoes or figure out what to do with the blue tail things she has.

9/14/12 And the construction of the actual tutu has begun!

10/31/12 The tutu has been finished!

When am I going to finish the actual costume? The world may never know!


There are no photos in this costume yet.

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LinkPwnsGanon I love princess tutu!!! She so pretty and caring (and I love her with Fakir!) :D

Ranma 1-2 Yes Yes, keep progressing.. I love to see dancers cosplaying PTutu. ^_^

neozero I concur.

pinoycosplay Just wanted to say we need more Tutu Cosplay. Please post as soon as finished. :-)