Ryomou Shimei




Why I did this costume: I am a big fan of Ikki Tousen and I watched all three seasons! I love them all. I do have a figurine collection and Shimei is one of them <3. I love her costume, character, and attitude! I really plan to do more costumes from Ikki Tousen I love the outfits! Most likely it will be more Shimei but there are a few other character I like. There were many different variations of her costume. So I deiced to take what aspects of them I like and put them together. I also added in the holster from her lolita outfit. I really like the way it turned out! I think having all the little differences in a lot of pictures of her made it fun for me to play around with! So I took a lot of time studying the photos and deciding how I want to make the costume. Although she is my favorite! It's a shame I don't have more photos of her I need to take more~ <3

About this costume: All the patterns are drafted by me. Took me forever to find the boots online though! The eye patch I acaully got while I was in Japan. Funny story, I was working on this costume during my trip there. I needed a few things from the dollar store there. They just happen to have these cheap eye patches that looked excatly like hers! I was like omg only a dollar so COOL! Save me the trouple of making it also with a great story. I want to add in the leg holster from her other lolita outfit because I really like the way it looked. I thought added it to this costume would be a total plus! The bow on the front of the costume and the back have boning in it to hold the shape. I made all the ruffles by pleating the fabric how I wanted had to do that a lot in my Izumi costume. With the collar I added in a stiff fabric to hold the shape. I bought from chain and change it out with the chain the hand-cuffs came with to make it super long. The earrings are scultped by me~ Need more photos of thoes also!


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Series Ikkitousen
Character Ryomou Shimei


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