Riruka Dokugamine




Wig: Base wig with twin tails was purchased and reworked for Riruka's Style.

Costume: I patterned most of the pieces of the outfit. The dress was made with black velvet fabric, the under shirt was made from white cotton fabric and the tie was made from nylon spandex fabric. The collar was taken from an existing yellow dress shirt .

Accessories: The hat was made with white felt, interfacing and wire-hangers for movement. The heart armor was made with a heart balloon covered in paper mache and finished with stretched white felt. The arm covers where made from white felt fabric and stuffed with polyfill. The arm details where made from fix-it clay and LED lights. The boots where purchased and customized with black pleader and white nylon spandex stuffed with foam filling. The Love gun was made from a preexisting paper mache egg, fix-it-clay, wood pieces and googly eyes, and clear soap container filled with green colored soap that is permanently attached to the gun.

Comments: This outfit was really interesting to put together. Have to say it challenged me in many ways but I also learned new techniques on how to approach certain materials. I really enjoyed making the outfit and cosplaying the Riruka since I wanted to cosplay from Bleach for a while now.


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Series Bleach
Character Riruka Dokugamine
Variant Fullbring


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