Rah-chan as Arthur Kirkland (England)

Arthur Kirkland (England)

Hetalia: Axis Powers

Cosplayer: Rah-chan
Hetalia is awesome!!
It was really funny be England in Animazon because I thought that nobody would know about Hetalia but I found an unexpected group of Hetalia there, so it was amazing!! And now I have an awesome group of Hetalia cosplay and we also had a nice day in Hetalia Day 2011!
I'd be Hungary but I just Loved England so I decided that it'll be the first.
The costume was easy and I just brought a new wig to do it.
Once more thanks to Kiriya-kun who helped me and because he was my America in Hetalia Day *-*
Thanks to Luisa, Julie, Ana, Ari, Bruna and everybody who was in animazon and Hetalia Day *-*