Pinkie Pie

My Little Pony



Why I cosplayed it:
Pinkie Pie is my spirit animal. I've been wanting to for years (and have a couple of times but it was never good enough for cons in my personal opinion)

How costume was made:
last-minute Closet Cosplay! Literally every single piece came from my closet. It makes sense, because I am internally Pinkie Pie, and I guess it shows through my clothing choices! XD
The wig was an old one a friend gave me, and it was pin straight, so I curled and hairsprayed the heck out of it, and it turned out very nicely!
The apron is from Walmart.
It would take forever to go through each little accessory and say where they're from, but there's a lot of cake and cupcake jewelry involved.

Worn: to Derpycon South 2014 Friday and Saturday. previous versions worn at college in 2011 and at home in 2012 XD

Worn at Mechacon also, 2016 or 2017

Fun times: Meeting all the brony friends at Derpycon!
It was super fun pretending to be Pinkie Pie/ just being myself in this costume. :D


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