Dragon Ball



This is my first cosplay since my baby was born, so I wanted to make a comfortable costume to wear.

I love the Dragon Ball manga, so Bulma is also a fav character of mine, and I will be making more of her outfits in the future.

Cosplay materials:
For the shirt I used a thick and soft material, like the fabric sweatshirts are made from. I used pleather for the "print". This gives a really crisp look.
Gunholster is made from leather I got off an old couch.
the Purse is made from painted denim. I just couldn't find the right color for the shoes and purse, so I ended up painting both with acryllic paint. Not ideal for shoes as it will crack when stressed from wearing.
Socks and scarf is made from stretch cotton jersey.

I'm not proud of the wig styling. My skills aren't fully developed, so I can do better, and will remake it before wearing it again.

Cosplay by me

Photos are snapped by http://zarsu.deviantart.com/
at J-popcon in Copenhagen, May 2014.


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Series Dragon Ball
Character Bulma
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