Ilionej as Blackreach Wizard Guard

Blackreach Wizard Guard

Skyrim (original)

Cosplayer: Ilionej
No bird singing in their realm, would it disturb the mellifluous whispering of the Mother. She and her Children; fertile soil for magic, source of power for Geodes, Crimson Root and matters further beyond comprehension. Sole light where never a sun’s ray falls in; and yet the Sun shines eternally over the steaming, puffing heart – the Silent City’s gathering below Nirn’s massive walls.

Deep under rugged pinnacles in ice, under gashed valley, that only the Water and highest art of engeneering were capable of perforate – names of mighty glory connecting cope:





Even towards the Tower of Mzark

This is the Empire of the Mother of Glowing Fungi. The source of Aetherium. Hub beneath Skyrim. There they keep vigil, for no Marsh-Hoodlum, no Fur-Creature, no other Mer, no Human, nay, no Nord intrudes – dares to raise their voice against the Eternal Sun – wake the Dragon – and break the Mother’s peace.

Deep under Nirn, where no bird ever sang, there they keep vigil, side by side with the Colossuses of metal and steam:

The Wizard Guards of Fal Zhardum Din, or as the unworthy call this holy place, Blackreach.


I had it planned for a longer time already. To be precise, the planning phase lasted approximately as long as a normal human pregnancy. I got into labour after the AniNite 2014.
The child was finally (almost)completely born on - 19.10.2014, the 2. day of AkiCon in Graz. -.-;

A date I believed reachable after my spurt for AniNite, but questioned multiple times throughout the process. Totally tired out and without embroidery or shin armour(a strap decided to not come with me before I could leave) I dragged myself to the remaining 2 1/2 hours con. But the test run was definitely worth it. ^^

Time exposure:

6 weeks of almost constant working time, 9-10 months planning in 2014 + additional 2 weeks in 2015

Chest Armour: 46h15
Pauldron: 13h
Bracers: 12h20
Shins: 16h
Tiara: 13h
Brooch(Aetherium Crest): 8h
Aetherial Staff: 24h
Circulation Shield: 63h
Cloths: 35h
Keening: 21h
Keening Scabbard: 9h30
Oil Coin-Box: 4h

Total: ~266h


Fabrics and braids: 52€
Wig: 20.99€
Velcro tape: 10€
Acrylic spheres for Shield: 5.31€
Gear motor for dynamo core: 17.99€
LED wires: 7.16€
Tealight imitation (for top LEDs in the staff): 0.50€
Gesso(1 liter!!!): 11.89€
Acrylics: ca. 20€
Painter's tape: 3.16€
Screws: 8.58€
Hot glue: 14.23€
Wood glue(1kg): 11.47€
Yarn: 12,54€
Golden spray paint(4 cans): 21.92€
Brass sheets: 1.07€

Additional jewellery(temporary): 29.85€

Spray paint(black, clear, matt, clear red) and silky gloss varnish in total value of 32.25€ shouldn't be counted here since I didn't use all of it. Or that I had to get a delta sander plus blades especially for this armour for 35.20€...or the little bit of resin...and compensation for my nerves(:P)...

Total: 218.81€ (expandable to 316.11 ;) )


AkiCon 2014, October 19th, Alte Universität, Graz(Austria)

AkiCon 2015, October 24th, Seifenfabrik, Graz(Austria)