Kate Beckett


My husband is a huge Nathan Fillion fan, and in the last couple of years he got me hooked Fillion’s popular crime-fighting show, Castle. He already had cosplayed as Richard Castle and really wanted me to be Beckett with him. She’s an awesome character and I love her hair, so how could I refuse?

Construction Notes:
The shirt, suit pants, and shoes are the same ones I use for my Agent Scully costume from The X-Files. The police vest is a real bullet-proof vest sans the under armor parts that would make it bulletproof – which would be very expensive and VERY uncomfortable. The vest is from the same company Sketch got his “WRITER” vest from, which is the company the show originally used for Castle and Beckett’s vests. Sketch found them by zooming in on a screencap from the show where it was possible to read the company logo on the vest. Although the show now uses different vests that appear to be custom made by the show itself, these are pretty close. I had plenty of choices in wigs for Beckett’s every-changing hairstyle, but I picked her current long, wavy look. Overall this costume is very comfortable but it is easy to get overheated with the vest on.

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Character Kate Beckett
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