Inquisitor Trevelyan

Dragon Age: Inquisition



Part 1 of this costume, inspired by:

Part 2 will be what Inquisitor Trevelyan would wear at Skyhold if she wasn't forced to wear that awful pantsuit. It will also have The Mark as well as an added staff. I had to break it down because the photographer moved away and the project was pressed for time from the start because of my school schedule.

All pictures belong to Vanessa

The dress was made by combining Elsa and Arwen dress patterns. I used heavy cotton for the material and green leather for the top trim.
The sarong is blue stretch velvet decorated with blue sequins and bordered by gold polyester upholstery trim.
The bodice is thin stretch suede backed by brown vinyl and supported by plastic boning at the seams. Gold eyelets and blue satin craft ribbon tie together the back. The collar is the same brown suede and blue stretch velvet from the bodice and sarong.
The wig has to be my favorite aspect, but the fur was the easiest task to complete. I used a pattern for Anna (came with the Elsa pattern) and sewed the craft hooks on using my bust form.


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Series Dragon Age: Inquisition
Character Inquisitor Trevelyan
Variant Haven Mage Robes


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