Makoto Tachibana

Free! Iwatobi Swim Club



Sooo, Free is awesome. Free is amazing. And you can all guess as to why.... ;D

At first Rin was my favorite in the series. But then I started to fall for Makoto. That sweet, caring nature of his. His adorable smile. And not to mention his seiyuu is one of my favorites (coughUsadacough). So my love for Makoto grew so much, that now he's my favorite. xDD

I didn't really make anything on this costume. It's all from ebay(shirt, jacket, wig). I had everything else. Though I did have to trim the bangs on the wig a bit. ^^;;

I have yet to wear Makoto to an event, but hopefully soon I can bring him to something!!


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Series Free! Iwatobi Swim Club
Character Makoto Tachibana
Variant Splash Free!


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