Rinoa Heartilly

Final Fantasy VIII



I really love this costume, despite the fact that I feel like it still needs improving, but one day I'll work on that. :)

The duster and arm warmers are hand-sewn. The black top I already had. I plan to paint the wings on the back of the duster with fabric spray paint.

The skirt is modified from a pair of jeans, the leggings were modified to be the accurate length(I also added the zippers to them by hand).

The ribbon is from Joann's. The necklace is a necklace chain with a ring I had.

(I need to fix this costume up a bit before wearing it again! Mainly just need to replace the leggings &gt;<" )


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Series Final Fantasy VIII
Character Rinoa Heartilly


Angelx624 Thank you so much!! XD It's not that weird to me, actually... xDD Idk what happened to the replying to a comment button so I have to reply like this... T_T

SweetheartRinoa Lol this is gonna sound really weird but oh well, I like your face xD You're so pretty