Queen of the Damned



Undoubtedly my proudest costume yet.

This was my first time using Worbla thermoplastic and I'm very pleased with the results. I used it for the metal-looking pieces in the crown and on the necklace.

The spikes on the crown were nothing more than foam core board painted with black paint and iridescent paints. The gold coins were an old necklace. It's all held together with wire and attached to a headband.

I couldn't find a cheap lace-front wig, so I got a wig which only covers 3/4 of my head so my natural hair line would show and the part where the wig starts was covered by the crown.

The necklace was made with a variety of gold beads and filigree panels that I painted gold and put coloured gems on. The main features were made with Worbla.

The bra cups were made by covering two foam bra cups with cording and latex for the organic texture, and then painted. They stuck to my skin with heavy duty double-sided tape.

The upper arm sleeves were made with vinyl, old black curtains, velcro, and gold and bronze beads.

The bracers are made with foam core board, construction paper, and craft foam, and then painted.

The belt is made with foam core board, craft foam, coloured gems, and gold acrylic beads strung on elastic cording. The hanging part is black vinyl rectangles painted with iridescent paint and hung together with gold cording.

I made the vampire teeth with fake nails, and I bought the contacts from a vendor booth at Anime North.

I'd say this is the most expensive and time-consuming project I've ever worked on.


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Series Queen of the Damned
Character Akasha


Mohmoh Stimply stunning - you relly look like Akasha!!!!!!!!!!!