Star Wars



This costume is a potpourri of pieces form very talented friends of mine: Sven and Bettina. Thank you, you two!

Dress and overdress:
The gown is made by a dear friend of mine. Sven has a passion for costume design and has turned his talent into a career as tailor. I always wanted to wear one of his elvish-inspired wrap dress, and now he finally made one for me.
The dress is made from a dusty pink velours, dusty pink matelasse, beige upholstery jacquard and sky blue cotton cloth. It has Vienna seams, a waist seam and a shawl collar. Beside sky blue tubular inner sleeves, it has asymmetric, folded trumpet sleeves and closes in the back with a zipper.
The over dress is made from a beige red jacquard. The wraped dress is multilayered, has a train and overlong cape sleeves. It closes in the back with hooks and eyes. The wide belt is made of the same beige upholstery jacquard than the shawl collar of the under dress. It has a decorative harpy ornament and closes in the back with a lacing. I wear a stiff tulle petticoat with the gown.

Lekku and head band:
The semifinished lekku were a present of a dear friend of mine (Thank you, Bettina!). They had to be mounted on a bald cap, filled with polyester fiberfill and painted with a finishing layer of light blue colored latex milk. A positive mold of the ear cones were dipped into latex milk in order to get 6 layers thick latex ear cones. The headband is made of Wonderflex and Worbla’s Finest Art. The ornamental strips at the edge are made of Polystyrene sheet and decorated with pyrography. A light blue cabochon in a metal stone setting is decorating the front of the headband. The headband is lined with black felt and closed in the back with lacing.


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Series Star Wars
Character Twi'lek
Variant Senatorial gown


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