Riverside, California




A personification of the city of Riverside, California. Not meant to fit into Hetalia or anything, but the idea of places-as-people? Like that.

Why Riverside and not some more glamorous city? Because I live here - I've lived here too long, clearly - and I can't help but see characters in things around which I spend a lot of time. This is a character I draw frequently and have roleplayed for a while, and I figured I might be able to portray him decently in cosplay as well.

I didn't construct any new garments for this, though I made some modifications to everything except the shorts and the shoes. I painted the bill of the cap yellow and hand embroidered the C onto the front. I used a freezer paper stencil to paint the symbol on the shirt. I used a fabric paint marker for the symbols on the socks.

Since I got a few questions about the tattoos at the con: I drew the designs myself, scanned them, and then used Silhouette printable temporary tattoo paper. It works in a regular inkjet printer, and it's pretty great!


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Character Riverside, California


Queen Anime 99 Like the concept. Cute.