SpookyKid1134 as Badass Bandit

Badass Bandit

Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2

Cosplayer: SpookyKid1134
After my 1st play through Borderlands 2... ive became sickeing obsessed,,, Being that im 6'8'' i do not wish to do a Psycho being they are short and skinny... so im going for a Badass Marauder/Psycho mix

The mask is made from a cheap $12 airsoft mask from Ebay. I saw a YouTube tutorial of a guy using the same mask so i followed his plains using a Cooling fan from an old PS2, Paper Clay to smooth the mouth and cheeks, and cheap Walmart craft paint. In total cost about $25

The Bandit gun is a Nerf gun i used for an old Two-Face cosplay i did. Just used cheap model paint.

Little things like the Knee Pads and gloves and pants and such were added just from whats laying around the house.

Football shoulder pads were bought used at a sports store for only $60. painted them and added screws and bolts and the 2 brown belts.

Wig was bought at Party City for $12 and painted black/green