Super Mario RPG



I don't think anyone understands my obsession with Mario RPG... Except maybe that kid at Ohayocon who was rattling off the game's easter eggs like he and I were separated at birth. Kudos to you dude.

But seriously this costume has been in the making for over 3 years and it was like a little dream come true to finally finish it and debut it, and have such an overwhelming response to an obscure character from an old SNES game. As far as I can find I'm only the second person to ever cosplay Valentina. There needs to be more Mario RPG love!!

This was my first time making a plush, and I loved carrying him around. Most fans actually recognize him before Valentina. The headpiece is craft foam, a styrofoam egg and lots of feathers. The top of the dress is built around a bra, the rest was patterned from scratch.

It's ultimately my goal to cosplay all the major females from Mario RPG (Peach, Valentina and Axem Pink). Axem Pink is the only one left!


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Series Super Mario RPG
Character Valentina


AuroraPeachy Thanks so much you guys!!

SuperBee Thanks to your cosplay, I am inspired to do a reversal! I will make Dodo and carry around Valentina. This is the most awesome-est game for sure!

Seifer-sama OMG! I recognized who you were right away from the icon!! I never thought anyone would cosplay her and you did an awesome job! You plush came out amazing too. Wow I wish I could have seen this in person. I love SMRPG and its cosplay community. Great work!