Edward Elric

Fullmetal Alchemist



I find it ironic that I decided to cosplay as Ed, lol. I feel like that's happening a lot lately. XD But I always said I wouldn't be able to cosplay as Ed because I was too tall. I think I'm eating my words now. There's so much with cos'ing as Ed that I didn't know about. Like being the pun of all jokes, being called a shrimp... loosing your voice from yelling back at people (so much sympathy for Romi Park and Vic Mignogna for all the yelling they did for Ed). My Winry turned out to be taller than me too, so yeah, all the fun stuff.

Anyway, this whole costume was hand made by me. I cut the wig, did the make up, sewed the clothing together, put on the back symbol on the jacket, and of course made the automail. The only thing I had help with was the spear, which I needed my step-dad's help with due to the glue we used (dangerous chemicals man!!! XD). Aside from that though, I painted the spear, made the dragon on the top of it, shaped the blade, all of that.

Overall, I was really happy with the result of this cosplay. There really wasn't a thing that I wasn't happy with. Was super happy with the spear and the automail. The automail's like my baby now, I love it to death. Anyway, I hope you like it! ^_^


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