Riddel Viper

Chrono Cross



I love Chrono Cross. This is seriously a game that gets no love, especially when compared to its counterpart. The moment that Riddel became playable in your party, I would swap her in. She was my favorite and I was really excited to make her costume. ^^

My goal with this piece was to replicate the art design. I always felt like she came from a painting and her dress looked like watercolors.

Staff: PVC pipe, balsa wood, x-mas ornament. I opted for her Elemental Staff, since it was my favorite from the game.

Shoes: Not seen, but I took a base pare of Madden Girls, added a wedge, and painted them emerald green.

Dress+Sleeves: Stretch satin, all hand dyed by me. Everything was also patterned by me. The scallops on the bottom of the dress and the sleeves were cut from a gold stretch satin, but I painted on the rest using Dye-na-flow paints. I’m really happy with the results! And I freaked out my group when I said I would be painting instead of appliqué. XD Bonus!

Headband: Stretch satin, hand painted with dye-na-flow. The snake, aka Mister Biggles, is made of seat foam, papermached, and sewn into the head band. I used a variety of acrylics and puffy paints to get the final look.

Necklace: The red pieces were once white and came from an old clock. I repainted them and did a speckling look. The black are glass beads. Strung them all together and there you go.

Total time: 60-80 hours. This is one of those projects that looks easy, but to get it just perfect took a lot of time.


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