Balsac the jaws of death




I'm such a fan of the band Gwar that I made one of their costumes. This costume is of the band's rhythm guitarist, Balsac the jaws of death.

The jaw headress I made from black posterboard, duct tape, prongs to allow the jaws to move and a pvc pipe to help the jaws stay in shape. The horns were from a viking helmet from a Halloween store, so I took them off the helmet and hot glued them to the jaws. The wig is a dreadlock wig from a Halloween store. I also included baby rubber bands into the dreads to keep them intact. The wig is attached to the top of the headress using prongs

The shoulderpads I found on ebay. They're youth football pads with spikes on the shoulders. From the looks of them, they look like they were made from a mix of newspapers, paper machee or a plaster material, duct tape and coathanger pieces. The fur, I added. It's just a shag rug cut to shape and spraypainted black

The shorts are just gym shorts you can find anywhere. The character normally wears a black thong, which I'm sure would not be a pretty sight to see for others to see. I might consider wearing black briefs for the costume but only for photoshoots.

The digitigrade stilts were made from wood, metal braces, pvc pipe parts, blue camping foam, a pair of old combat boots, bungee cords, velcro, zip ties and light brown fur fabric from Joanns


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Series GWAR
Character Balsac the jaws of death


AkiJudaichan This looks amazing! I love the detail you put into this.

~H~ This is one of my favorite costumes that you have done! I'm excited to see it updated ^_^.

Genro Oh. Dear. God!!! This is awesome!!!

Thowra Your costume are always amazing! Looks so heavy to wear

PrincessKaori87 My husband is a security guard and GWAR came to Houston the past 2 years, he worked the concerts. He saved the shirts he wore covered in the fake blood. I myself am not familiar with their music, but your costume is awesome! :D

Peachy Keen This costume is AMAZING! I don't even know what it is from, but it's just so freaking cool! It looks like it would be super heavy, though, haha.

Rinoa07 Truly intimidating!

LinkPwnsGanon I really like the helmet! :D

krys-chan Awesome helmet!

SweetOcarina This looks so cool! great job!

Tampopo_Hoshi Pretty cool, you just need a bloody Paris Hilton doll and you're set.

IntraVentus NICE. So creative!

momoiru1994 AMAZINGGG!!!

booklover67 Great construction and use of different materials!

~H~ Amazing work!

Sailor_Aly This is pretty amazing.

sephygoth holy crap, gwar? who the hell likes gwar? Kudos to you, I thought I made heads turn just mentioning the band, this makes me a very intrigued fan of a fellow fan now. It's about time someone hit gwar!

konanaly it looks heavy,maybe it is light,isn't it?

FuntomKitten Nice! It looks really cool! ^_~

MezzyChuu Looks like a heavy costume! Really neat~