sebastian michaelis

Black Butler



Oh, Sebastian. Your badassery was just too much not to cosplay.

I love this costume. REALLY love it. I love the tails and the red contacts and breaking my arm carrying around a tea set and...everything.


The tea set is real - I found it on amazon and promptly ruined it as a collectible by by attaching industrial magnets to the bottom of the pieces. This keeps them secure on the salver but retains the ability to remove them for their actual purpose. The white and gold design was chosen by both myself and my Ciel, who demanded nothing floral. XD

The wig is the Jaguar from Arda. The gloves are standard cotton, and the shoes are...from Payless. Haha.

The costume itself was commissioned from

Kendama Master as Ciel Phantomhive (unless otherwise noted)
Eau de Decus as Madam Red
Archangelz as Bard


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Series Black Butler
Character Sebastian Michaelis


pinoycosplay You deserve lots of love for your Sebastian portrayal. Awesome you had a good group to work with, but of course any Black Butler cosplay is only as good as their Sebastian, and you did a terrific job. :-)

rikuwashere wow nice cosplay how did u make the mark for sebastian's hand?