Giselle (disney)




My new and second Gisellecosplay! <3

I just love Giselle so much and Enchanted is my favorite movey *-*

So what can I tell you about this cosplay? ^-^

Well it's completly selfmade, the costume, the wig and my princestatue. <3
I worked 2 or 3 weaks on it. This wig is made of two wigs that I've sewn together and dyed strand by strand. ^.~

I hope you like this costume. I will upload some more pictures in the future.


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Last Updated 9 years ago
Created 9 years ago
Series Enchanted
Character Giselle (disney)
Variant True love's kiss version


Sirene_Reve That wig is just...incredible!!!

Narnian Gorgeous dress and wig and photos! I love your "prince" too. ^_^

samtoenail This is gorgeous! haha i love how you made the "prince" to go with it.

EchosOfTheDead Oh my! It's just as beautiful as your other one! You are simply amazing! ^^