Riddel Viper

Chrono Cross



I love Riddel. She's so beautiful. I originally made this in 2008 when I was about sixty pounds heavier than I am now. It was really a challenge altering it but it turned out really nice. I wore the altered one to Dragon*Con 2012. I love it. Karsh cosplayed by my awesome husband, Genro.

Yeah, yeah, I know Riddel and Karsh aren't together but if you love the game you believe in alternate endings. :P

I altered a two-piece mermaid style formal dress. The appliques are also satin. They're held on with heat-n-bond then reinforced with a blind stitch. My husband carved the staff. The bottom is a dowling rod that he ran a dremel down it to make the spiral. I spritzed spray paint on it to get the rainbow effect and stuck a Christmas ornament in the center. The cool thing about the staff is that it is collapsible. The costume had to ship from Salt Lake to Atlanta in a suitcase. The top screws off of the rod. The rod is cut in half with a scew in it.


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Series Chrono Cross
Character Riddel Viper


riddeltk I'm glad it does. :D I love their characters and costumes. They were both always in my end game party. <3

Loveable-Eve This costume makes me really happy

riddeltk Thanks, Tifaia, you too. I love to see people cosplaying from Chrono Cross.

tifaia Nice work!

LadyPara Very beautiful! :) And hey, Karsh deserves that alternate ending! lol