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BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger



I first got into the game because I liked the artwork. Got to play it at Minamicon 16 and loved it to pieces. Then I got the game for my birthday and played it and although I sucked miserably at the battle system, I found it fun!
I chose Noel because from the start I had loved her design and I found her really easy to play as in comparison to the other characters.

I started off with the dress. There are four panels and it's basically fitted where my waist is and then flares out slightly in the blue panels, however there are additional pleats added in like in the artwork to flare it out even more. I cut up a white shirt for the colour and top bit. The black boob section is a practise bodice I cut up which I made years ago which had just been sitting around doing nothing anyway, it was a decent fit bodice so I thought I could just recycle it. Only problem is that there are a lot of darts to make it fitted but it fits well and it's black so not as noticeable.

The black lines were stitched on after. Metal details are made using craft foam and painted using acrylic paint. They were just hot glued on.

The sleeves are fully lined. I made the blue section the exact length it needed to be and then the black lining extended so that it would fold up for the black detailing as well. All the yellow detailing were hand sewn on with the (fake) bias binding machine sewn for security afterwards.

The arm bands are made from two layers of 6mm plastazote (bought from Coscraft) which were glued together using impact adhesive. I poked a hole through it and used DAS air dry clay to smooth out the edges and then painted it using acrylic paint.

The red tubing idea came from Beautiful-Rose's version of the costume. I really liked the way it looked rather than plain ribbon which is what most people use (and what it's meant to be) and so I also used this idea. I take no credit for the idea!
I bought the red tubing from a car parts store on eBay.
To create the hoops, I poked wire through it, looped it around to flatten it and then created circles. I used DAS air dry clay to conceal where the wire started and to create a proper hoop shape and then used extra for detailing. Waited for it to dry before creating a second hoop for where it joins the armband itself. The bottom triangles are made using craft foam and is hot glued on.

The boot covers were created by just pinning the fabric to my leg whilst wearing the shoes, sketching out the shape and sewing them together. Because the boot covers are suppose to be fitted, there's a zip at the back to put them on. Same idea as my original Seth (Trinity Blood) boot covers. All the detailing were stitched on afterwards and the top flaps were sewn on the "wrong" way first and then the right way so that the raw edges would be hidden just in case.
Boot metal caps were made using craft foam again. I basically held the shoe in place and covered it with craft foam as fitted as possible before using a pencil to mark out where it should fold and then I cut out the folds and it created a shape which fits the shoes, if that made any sense at all! (Probably not...)

Base shoes bought from however I don't recommend them as the heel is not accurate. I bought them mainly because I need the added height!
Boot covers were hot glued on.

The beret was very similar to my Naoto (Persona 4) hat however it was fitted where the band was and I used only four panels instead of five. I also made it much much longer in length to get it that baggy, I think I measured it around 11-12" long. I measured the width to exactly 0.25 my circumference of my head with the wig in the same updo as Noel's.
The detailing was two layers of craft foam with the bottom layer painted slightly darker to get the same effect.

Tie is my Haine (Gentlemen's Alliance) tie which I bought originally from Primark.

Bolverk was made by first tracing the image onto paper and then measuring every right angle triangle followed by the proportion of Noel's arm to Bolverk. I then translated these measurements to my own arm length and then used that to mark out the shape onto mounting board.

I stupidly bought A3 foam board before doing these measurements, unless you have really really short arms, please get A2 foam board :P

To fix the problem of getting too small pieces of foam board, I just glued the joins together and then later I painted over it to conceal the joins, it works quite well!

Bolverk was made basically by creating the shapes on mounting board, copying it onto foam board and sticking the pieces on top of each other using impact adhesive. I used DAS air dry clay to cover up the edges so that you can't see each layer of foam board at the sides. All the additional detailing was made with craft foam, plastazote and additional foam board. They were painted with acrylic paint and also fabric paint (from where I was too cheap to buy more acrylic! Once you varnish it it's fine though). I used wood varnish to varnish it, my dad needed it for his own DIY so I could use some too. Works exactly the same!

Wig I bought from Wig Fever. I bought a long wig so that I can reuse it for other cosplays and so that it was more accurate! I use various grips to keep it up in place. The bangs were cut and styled accordingly.

Socks bought from eBay;
Gloves also bought from eBay.

And I think that's everything! Overall quite a stressful costume surprisingly. First time making a prop from scratch, didn't know the wonders of good ventilation :P
This costume shows off my super broad shoulders far too much, especially from the back ;____; But otherwise I'm quite happy with the construction and I am damn proud of my first prop 8D

Hopefully will get to cosplay more from Blazblue in the future! There are two other variants of Noel I want to do and also maybe some of the other characters too!


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