Alice in Wonderland



OMG I LOVE THIS COSTUME! ^_^ One of my favorites to wear!!
It's still not done, I'm looking to get a new wig, this one was a really curly wig that I straightened..I might try to straighten it some more before I buy another

I also need my character shoes and a actual petticoat lol I made one the night before 10 yards of netting in it but it's still not as poofy as I'd like it to be

UPDATES- I straightened my curly Arda wig I used for Briar Rose and it's Puuurfect 8D
I used my cousin's hoops skirt under it along with my petticoat XD

I'm still hunting for a petticoat and shoes. I'm going to also make it a tad shorter..too long

OH! Dress was made by


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Series Alice in Wonderland
Character Alice


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