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“I got Mom's face back.
Nobody can have my Mom except me. I attach her face to me so she doesn't go away.
Because Mom sad when I meet her without her face.” — Lisa Trevor (Diary)

Lisa Trevor (リサ・トレヴァー) is a monstrous abomination appearing in the remake of Resident Evil (バイオ ハザード) and Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles ( (バイオハザード アンブレラ・クロニクルズ). She is the daughter of George Trevor, famed architect who designed the Arklay Research Facility and the Queen Zenobia. George was killed and his wife and daughter subjected to experiments as a part of Umbrella Corporation's viral experiments. Lisa spent nearly 30 years in captivity, undergoing horrific experiments that robbed her of her humanity. During development of Birkin's G-Virus, she loses her mind and becomes obsessed with finding her mother, who was killed years before. She became increasingly violent, once killing three lab researchers. As a result, Wesker, one of Umbrella's top research scientists ordered her disposal, but she survived execution and wanders the mansion grounds in hopes of finding her mother.

Her mutations have hideously deformed her physical build. Her face is partially masked by collections of flesh from her victims. She is draped in a tattered hospital gown with her hands held together by a pair of wooden manacles lined with iron, which acts as a deterrent to her attacks. There is also an eyeball-like tumor visible on her back. Numerous tentacles will emerge from her body and undulate violently when she is attacked, a sign of the NE-α Type.


This was a one-day cosplay marathon that I hope to develop. Since there are a few different parts I will cover them separately.


Similar to Butcher's Apron, I went to Value Village and bought a twin bed sheet for $6. I only used about half the sheet for this. Using double thickness, I traced a pattern giving myself extra margin from a long-sleeve t-shirt that fits me well. I pinned the fabric together then cut the pattern, keeping the sleeves short and extending the bottom to desired length. Using the sewing machine, I stitched the shoulder seams together and then the side seams (which led into the underside of the sleeves). After this I cut a hole for the head and hung it on a tree branch outside. I then spray painted the gown with an assortment of brown, gold, black, white, and red spray paint. It was a damp day, but hanging from the tree seemed to dry the spray paint pretty quickly. I plan to finish it by doing detail work with makeup and paint.


Lisa Trevor's head is clearly the most complex part of the outfit. Given the short time period I think I did an ok job but plan to improve dramatically on it. I took some cheap old Halloween masks to use as a base, turning one inside out. Then using reference pictures I marked on the space I wanted to cut and took out a section on the side of the face where Lisa's head is supposed to come through. After this I cut the portion of a second mask and then using needle and thread, stitched the masks together. I then went over this with a mix of makeup, paint and liquid latex. in a variety of colours (brown, maroon, red, gray, tan, skin tone, peach, yellow), black. I then used some old bed sheet fabric I had left over from Butcher to create the upper part of the robe/gown by stitching it to the inside of the mask. This nicely covers everything from the chest/collar bone up. I used matching colours to blend the fabric parts into the latex, but I plan to do a better job with additional liquid latex, paint and possibly spray paint.

The tentacles are almost deserving of a whole section in themselves. You might remember my Smoker (L4D) tongue. This is my new and improved tentacle. The method is pretty much the same: I bought cheap pantyhose and filled it with tissues and then covered the outside in liquid latex followed by a mix of paint/makeup. To keep the tissues from spilling out the top of the pantyhose I used the plastic twist ties that come packaged with electronics to tie the fabric shut. The only difference was that this time I inserted a foam coated wire as the frame. This gave it extra structure/support, but had the added bonus of allowing the tentacles to be suspended while also bending in any direction of my choosing on the fly. The tentacles were painted with a mix of reds, skin tones and black paint, and then hooked into portions of the mask. For extra security I glue-gunned sections on and then painted black over the glue gun glue.


The manacles were created with EVA foam by essentially cutting out 6 pieces and gluing them together to create a box, then cutting the arm holes. I plan to seal, paint to look like wood, and then add extra pieces painted to look like metal.

Not yet complete.

Walkoff Zero! King of the North Edition!


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