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And here I give you the latest installment of "Seismogenic Puts Entirely Too Much Effort Into Cosplaying Original Characters That Nobody Cares About."

But first, why even bother personifying San Bernardino? A place with so many issues right now that it could give out monthly subscriptions? Well, partly because those issues make for a complex and messy character, partly because the history of San Bernardino, its cycle of rises and falls, is actually really fascinating, and partly because it's actually my field area for seismological research. So, that led me to making a personification for drawing and roleplaying purposes, and me being me, it was probably only a matter of time before I decided to cosplay this dork.
For those who care: the character's human name is Manuel, and there are a bunch of drawings of him at

The reason this is a stupidly insanely overly complicated cosplay is that I don't look anything at all like this character, which meant I immediately wanted to confront the challenge of making myself look like how I draw him, rather than just wearing what he wears, because I am becoming less and less able to let myself do things the easy way. Maybe I should also blame watching too much Face Off.

Anyway, this was my first foray into prosthetic makeup. Specifically, I used gelatin for these. There's a chin piece, and a nose/brow piece. The eyebrows and sideburns are crepe hair and were stuck on there last.
I did all of his terrible leg tattoos with alcohol-activated makeup. It is pretty tricky to draw upside down on your own legs.
All of the detail on the shirt, and the Route 66 shield on the hat, are just regular fabric paint.


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