Noel Vermillion




I made this costume to partner with my (now ex) girlfriend who was doing Jin Kisaragi. While I'd never played the game, she got me into shipping JinxNoel pretty darn hard.
This costume was made in about a week, most of it 2 nights before the con, without any pattern. So while it's far from perfect, I'm actually fairly proud c:. The white dress collar was cut from an old shirt and modified, the black fabric came from an old sports bra that I chopped up, and I made boot covers from some rain boots that were about the right shape. The rest is all hand-done c:.
The guns are 3 layers of Styrofoam board, covered on the sides with paper cutouts of the same shape. A rather rushed job that my saint of a dad helped me with a ton<3. They're in need of a few fix-ups, but I'm still pretty pleased with them.
The end~!


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Character Noel Vermillion


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