Seymour Krelborn/Audrey II

Little Shop of Horrors (1986)



Seymour is just a series of thrift store finds altered as needed.

Audrey II is just a prop and not articulated in any way. I started with a hard styrofoam ball, sculpted that, paper machéd it, then used wall spackle to create a smooth surface. Applying and sanding as needed. I used a few different colors of spray paint and then cut out 237 little circles from a piece of adhesive back paper to use as a stencil for the little blue veins. It took me about two hours to peel the backs off and place them. It was a horrible idea. Not only time consuming, but when I took them off at least half of them also ripped off the green paint all the way to the plaster. I had to retouch with a Q-tip. Then use the same spots to do the bottom half. I figured by now they were used and wouldn't be as sticky. I was wrong. The main stem is a PVC pipe. That's put down inside a block of hard styrofoam. The leaves are from various fake plants and vines. Some trimmed or altered and then all painted or at least misted with paint. With ModelMagic used to add the yellow bumps on the bigger leaves.


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Series Little Shop of Horrors (1986)
Character Seymour Krelborn/Audrey II


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